Husqvarna Honda Lawn Mowers: The Perfect Symbiosis for a Healthy and Luscious Lawn


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Are you in the market for a new lawn mower and considering a Husqvarna Honda model? Look no further, as we delve into the world of lawn mowers and explore what makes these machines stand out from the crowd.

Husqvarna Honda lawn mowers are renowned for their reliability, performance, and durability. With both companies having decades of experience in producing high-quality outdoor equipment, it's no wonder why many homeowners choose one of their models to keep their lawns pristine. These machines come equipped with powerful engines, cutting-edge technology, and ergonomic features that make mowing less of a chore.

In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Husqvarna Honda lawn mowers – from their various types to maintenance tips – so that you can make an informed decision before making your next purchase. So whether you're a homeowner looking to upgrade your current equipment or just starting on your gardening journey – read on!

Husqvarna Honda Lawn Mower: The Ultimate Comparison

If you are in the market for a new lawn mower, then you have probably come across the two most popular brands in the industry – Husqvarna and Honda. Both of these companies have a proven track record of producing high-quality, reliable machines that can take on any lawn with ease. So which one is better? In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the differences between Husqvarna and Honda lawn mowers to help you make an informed decision.


First things first – let's take a quick overview of both brands:


Husqvarna is a Swedish company that has been around since 1689. They are known for their quality outdoor power equipment like chainsaws, trimmers, and especially lawnmowers.

The brand produces some top-notch mowers suitable for all types of gardens from small residential yards to large commercial ones.


Honda is another well-known brand with over 70 years' experience in manufacturing engines; it has also made its mark on producing exceptional lawnmowers. The brand provides high-quality products suitable for professionals as well as homeowners looking for good cutting performance.

Performance comparison

To compare both brands accurately, we will focus on three essential factors -the engine power output (torque), cutting width (blade size), and fuel consumption rate per hour.

Model Engine Torque Cutting Width Fuel Consumption Rate
Husquarna LC221A $5^3/4$ ft-lbs @2800rpm 21 inch 0.4 gallons per hour
Roto stop Blade Brake clutch

Engine Power Output

The torque determines how much grass your machine can cut through without bogging down or stalling. Husqvarna and Honda are both known for producing powerful engines, but the Husqvarna LC221A takes the top spot with an impressive 5.75 ft-lbs @2800rpm compared to Honda's Roto-stop Blade Brake Clutch.

Cutting Width

Lawnmower blades come in different sizes, and you should choose one that is suitable for your specific needs. The average cutting width of a lawnmower blade falls between 18-22 inches.

Husqvarna's LC221A boasts a larger cutting width at 21 inches, whereas Honda doesn't provide this information on their Roto-stop Blade Brake Clutch model – which could be due to some factors like design or patent issues.

Fuel Consumption Rate

Fuel efficiency matters when it comes to lawnmowers; after all, no one wants high fuel bills. The fuel consumption rate per hour depends on several factors such as engine size, throttle speed setting and terrain type.

The Husqvarna LC221A uses roughly about 0.4 gallons of petrol per hour while there is no data available right now regarding the exact specifications of fuel consumption rate provided by Honda's Roto stop blade brake clutch model as they don't disclose it yet.


Both brands have unique features that make them stand out from each other:

Husquarna Features:

  • All-Wheel Drive (AWD)
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Soft grip handlebar

The AWD system provides excellent traction control capability in any weather condition or slope angle making it perfect for steep gardens where stability is important

Husquarna lawn mowers also feature adjustable handles allowing you proper height adjustment depending on your body size so you can comfortably mow without back pain or fatigue over time.

Honda Features:

  • Hydrostatic drive
  • Large bagging capacity

With hydrostatic drive support equipped models from honda, you will get better handling and control over the mower without any sudden jerks (which can be harmful). Moreover, Honda mowers have a massive bagging capacity that means no more stopping in between your work to dump grass clippings.


The cost of lawnmowers varies depending on the model and brand. Husqvarna's LC221A is priced at about $449 while Honda's Roto-stop Blade Brake Clutch comes with an approximate price tag of around $599.

Final Thoughts

Both brands offer excellent products that deliver outstanding cutting performance. In terms of engine power output and cutting width, Husqvarna LC221A takes lead whereas Honda excels in Hydrostatic drive support for smoother operation without any jolts or jerks while working on uneven terrain.

When it comes down to pricing – The prices are quite competitive but if you're looking for a budget-friendly option then Husqvarna may be your best bet.

Overall, choosing between either brand would depend on what exactly do you require from a lawnmower as both brands have their own unique features catering different needs so consider all aspects before making your final decision


What is a Husqvarna Honda lawn mower and what sets it apart from other lawn mowers?

A Husqvarna Honda lawn mower is a type of high-performance lawnmower that combines the rugged durability of Husqvarna with the reliable power of a Honda engine. These machines are capable of cutting grass quickly and evenly, making them ideal for larger properties or those with challenging terrain. One thing that sets these mowers apart from others on the market is their ability to handle steep slopes and rough terrain while still delivering professional-grade results.

One key advantage to owning a Husqvarna Honda lawn mower is their overall longevity. Both brands have proven themselves over time as reliable companies with long-lasting products, so by combining forces, they've created an unbeatable machine that can perform year after year without fail. Additionally, these mowers often come equipped with features such as adjustable decks for precision cuts across different terrains, ergonomic handles for comfortable operation during extended use periods, and powerful engines capable of handling even tough jobs.

How do I maintain my new Husqvarna Honda Lawn Mower?

To keep your new machine in top condition throughout its lifespan there are several maintenance tasks you should perform regularly:

  1. Check oil levels before each use
  2. Keep blades sharp
  3. Clean air filters at least once per season
  4. Replace spark plugs every one hundred hours.
  5. Store your equipment properly when not in use

By following these steps you will avoid common issues like reduced performance due to dull blades or engine damage caused by insufficient lubrication.

Can I buy parts separately if something fails on my machine?

Yes! Both companies offer replacement parts specifically designed for their respective models which can be purchased online or through local dealerships who specialize in outdoor power equipment repairs & replacement parts sales. Additionally, many models feature easy-to-replace components which makes performing DIY repairs quick & hassle-free if you have experience in this area.

What is the horsepower of a Husqvarna Honda lawn mower?

Husqvarna Honda lawn mowers come with different horsepower ratings depending on the model. For example, some models may have a 4.5 HP engine while others can go up to 7 HP or more. When choosing which machine is best for you, consider your specific needs and how much power will be required based on the size and terrain of your property.

How do I select the right Husqvarna Honda lawn mower for my needs?

When selecting which model to purchase, it's important to take into account a number of factors including: size of your yard or property; type/quality of grass; terrain (flat vs sloped); frequency & intensity at which it will be used throughout each season – among other things. Additionally, consider whether certain features like adjustable cutting heights or ergonomic designs are important for comfortable operation during extended use periods.

At their core though all Husqvarna Honda models share basic similarities such as reliable engines capable of delivering consistent performance over time so whichever one you choose should be able to get the job done effectively with minimal hassle if maintained properly!


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