Craftsman Lawn Mower 917.370 Parts: Your One-Stop Shop for Reliable Repairs


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Craftsman lawn mower 917.370 parts – if you are a proud owner of the Craftsman lawn mower 917.370, you might be looking for replacement parts to keep your machine running smoothly and efficiently. Whether you need a new blade, air filter, spark plug or any other part that may have worn out over time or due to excessive use, finding high-quality and durable replacement parts is essential.

Craftsman is a well-known brand in the world of lawn mowers and outdoor equipment, admired for its quality and reliability. If you own one of their machines like the Craftsman lawn mower 917.370 model in question here, keeping it maintained with genuine Craftsman parts can make all the difference when it comes to performance.

In this article about Craftsman Lawn Mower 917.370 Parts we will explore some essential replacements that your machine might need at some point so that you can continue enjoying effortless mowing without any interruptions or breakdowns along the way! Read on to learn more!

Craftsman Lawn Mower 917.370 Parts: Everything You Need to Know

Craftsman lawn mowers are some of the most reliable and durable lawn mowers on the market today. They are made using high-quality materials and designed with precision engineering to ensure that you get a perfect cut every time you use them.

However, even the best machines can sometimes break down or require replacement parts. That's where Craftsman Lawn Mower 917.370 Parts come in handy.

In this article, we will delve deep into what these parts are, how they work, their benefits as well as tips on how to maintain them for optimal performance.

What Are Craftsman Lawn Mower 917.370 Parts?

Craftsman lawn mower 917.370 is a model series of lawn mowers manufactured by Sears Holdings Corporation under its flagship brand "Craftsman". The series comes with different models including self-propelled walk-behind mowers and push-behind ones which vary in size (cutting width), engine type (gas or electric), among other features.

Each model is equipped with unique parts that keep it running smoothly and efficiently throughout the year.

The spare parts for these models include spark plugs, air filters, oil filters blade sharpeners among other components that need routine maintenance or replacement when damaged.

These genuine OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) spare parts help ensure your machine stays in top working condition while also improving its overall performance for years to come.

Benefits Of Using Genuine OEM Spare Parts

There is an abundance of generic spare part options available on various online platforms at cheaper prices than genuine OEM craftsman lawnmower spares – but going down this route could be more costly in general due to poor quality products causing frequent repairs.

Here are some advantages of opting for genuine OEM craftsman lawnmower spares:

Quality Assurance:

All original equipment manufacturer's products pass through stringent quality control measures before being released into the market, assuring you of high-quality products.


Craftsman lawn mower 917.370 parts are specifically designed to fit their respective models and guarantee maximum performance.

Warranty Protection:

Using genuine OEM parts for your craftsman lawnmower maintains any warranty coverage that may have come with the machine when first purchased

Tips on Maintaining Craftsman Lawn Mower 917.370 Parts

Even though these machines are made using durable materials, regular maintenance is critical in prolonging their lifespan while preventing common problems that arise due to neglect or lack of proper care.

Here are some tips on maintaining your craftsman lawnmower for optimal performance:

  • Always use high-quality oil filters and air filters to ensure clean air passes through when mowing.
  • Regularly sharpening blades is recommended at least once a year or more depending on usage level – blunt blades will make cutting difficult while putting strain onto other working components within the machine.
  • Keep all moving parts lubricated with grease where necessary
  • Store it away from harsh elements like rain/snowfall, direct sunlight exposure or extreme temperatures which can damage certain components over time

In conclusion, if you own a Craftsman Lawnmower 917.370 model series or any other type of craftsman lawn mower brand it's important always maintain its original functionality by using genuine OEM spare part replacements as they offer unmatched quality assurance, compatibility and warranty protection compared generic aftermarket spares available online today. When maintained well coupled with replacement part upgrades over time; this will ensure your machine remains functional throughout many years ahead whilst providing hassle-free operation during each season!


What are the common parts of a Craftsman Lawn Mower 917.370 that may need replacement?

The Craftsman Lawn Mower 917.370 is a popular lawn mower model and like all machines, it has some parts that may require replacement after continued use. Some of the common parts include air filters, spark plugs, oil filters, blades and tires.

Air filters play an important role in ensuring your engine operates optimally by filtering dust and debris from entering into the combustion chamber which can cause damage to engine components or even make it hard to start the mower altogether. You should replace your air filter once every season or more frequently if you mow in dusty conditions.

Spark plugs are also critical to proper engine function because they ignite fuel during each cycle of operation. Over time however they wear out causing misfires which affects performance such as increased fuel consumption or poor acceleration. You should inspect them periodically for signs of wear such as cracks on insulation or burned electrodes.

Oil Filters help keep dirt particles from reaching sensitive internal components like bearings and pistons by removing contaminants from lubricating oil inside engines crankcase allowing smooth operation over long periods without risk damaging expensive internal components.

Blades come in various sizes depending on cutting deck size but most lawn mowers have blades made out durable materials designed for longevity with frequent sharpening needed only if you encounter rocks or other foreign objects while mowing which can dull their edges quickly leading to weakened performance when cutting grass.

Lastly Tires although rarely replaced need inspection especially before each season since worn tires not only affect handling but also overall safety when moving around steep inclines where stability plays an important role preventing accidents.

How do I find my model number for ordering replacement parts?

To order correct part replacements online it's essential first identify exact model number; this will help ensure right part selection every time without guesswork involved thus avoiding costly mistakes.
In case you don't know how locate model number, look for a sticker or plate attached to the mower's frame near its engine or on your owner’s manual booklet. Common model number locations include under the seat, behind battery compartment door and on top of deck.

Once you locate this information note it down before going online to shop replacement parts.

Which blades are compatible with my Craftsman Lawn Mower 917.370?

One of primary concerns when it comes to blade compatibility is making sure correct size is used as mismatched sizes can cause mowing difficulties while also posing safety risks due improper fitment like hitting obstacles that could lead blade breakage.

Craftsman Lawn Mower 917.370 blades come in varying lengths depending cutting decks size but typically range from 18-22 inches long.

To ensure correct selection of replacement parts consider examining old worn out blades noting measurements which should include length width and thickness; with this data online shoppers can then accurately determine blade models that will fit perfectly without any risk damage during use.

What steps should I follow for changing oil filters?

Proper maintenance of lawn mower requires periodic changes oil filters; following these simple steps ensures easy completion process:

  • First step: make sure engine has cooled off sufficiently before starting work.
  • Locate filter housing usually attached at bottom side next drain plug using appropriate tools
  • Remove old filter carefully ensuring rubber O-rings come off too.
  • Lubricate new O-ring lightly using fresh motor oil
  • Install new filter by hand tightening until snug – avoid over-tightening since may lead damage o-ring seal.
    Reconnect fuel lines if present & tighten cap tightly

Refill crankcase with recommended amount manufacturer supplied lubricant ascertain proper level reading according dipstick measurement providing instant feedback after job done

How often should I sharpen the lawnmower's blades?

Blades need regular sharpening after every few hours’ operation since they get dull upon hitting rocks roots twigs stones among other debris. Sharpening blades not only improves cutting quality but also extends their life span thus ultimately saving you money in long run.

If your blade has a few nicks, you can use a metal file to sharpen it but if the blade is very dull, consider using a bench grinder which produces a clean edge with perfect sharpness in just minutes.

To sharpen effectively find proper grinding angle by checking manufacturer's recommendations before beginning process; usually 20-30 degrees off center of blade edge. Apply gentle pressure on the grinder wheel while pulling back and forth across edge being careful not to overheat or damage metal material during operation.

After achieving desired result balance both ends ensuring uniformity then reinstall safely into mower deck taking care not injure yourself as blades can be very sharp

In conclusion, keeping your Craftsman Lawn Mower 917.370 running smoothly requires some effort and regular maintenance including replacing parts when necessary such as air filters spark plugs oil filters and tires among others mentioned above.
Knowing how often check change those parts ensures longevity while also keeping costs down over time since premature failure caused due neglecting simple tasks like replacing worn out components will inevitably lead costly repairs later on.
With this knowledge take advantage readily available online stores offering replacement part selection convenience fast delivery anywhere worldwide at affordable prices without leaving comfort own home!


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