72 Lawn Mower: The Ultimate Equipment for a Perfectly Manicured Lawn


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When it comes to lawn maintenance, having the right equipment is key. One such tool that every homeowner needs in their arsenal is a reliable lawn mower. And if you're in the market for a new one, you may have come across the term "72 lawn mower". But what exactly does this mean?

Well, simply put, 72 refers to the cutting width of the mower blade measured in inches. A 72 lawn mower typically has a wider cutting deck than standard mowers and can cover more ground with each pass. This makes it ideal for larger lawns or commercial settings where efficiency is key.

But with so many options available on the market today, how do you choose which 72 lawn mower is right for your specific needs? In this article, we'll break down everything you need to know about these powerful machines and help guide you towards making an informed decision when selecting your next piece of equipment. So keep reading to learn more!

72 Lawn Mower: The Ultimate Guide

If you're passionate about lawn care, then choosing the right lawn mower is of utmost importance. A 72-inch lawn mower can be an excellent option for those who want to cover a large area in a short time. In this guide, we'll explore everything you need to know about 72" mowers.

Overview of 72 Lawn Mower

A 72-inch deck width means that this type of lawnmower has one of the widest cutting decks on the market and is perfect for properties with expansive lawns or commercial use. They are available as zero-turn models, which makes it easy to maneuver around obstacles like trees and flower beds.

Benefits Of Using A 72-Inch Lawn Mower

There are several benefits associated with using a wide-cutting deck mower like the '72 inch' version:

  • Faster results: As they can cover more area in less time, it saves your precious time.
  • Precision cutting: With such wide coverage under control, you can expect accuracy while mowing grass.
  • Comfortable usage: The machine's size allows comfortable handling without putting too much strain on your body.
  • Versatility: These machines have versatile applications as they are capable enough of handling different types of terrains and grasses.

Types Of Lawns That Benefit From A Wide Cutting Deck

This kind of machine works well on many different types and sizes of lawns but particularly suits larger landscapes where faster work is required. If your property has open areas without many obstacles or any particular niche features like intricate landscape designs or elevations changes – then these machines will be perfect for you!

Comparison With Other Types Of Lawnmowers

When considering buying a new lawnmower, there are lots to choose from – ranging from manual push-mowers through electric corded models up until gas-powered ride-on tractors! Here's how our focus machine compares with some other popular models.

  • 72-inch vs. 60-inch: The difference in the cutting width of both machines is only a foot, but it comes up to save your effort and time while mowing large lawns.
  • 72-inch vs. Zero-turn mower: Both types of machinery are excellent at covering open areas quickly, but the larger deck size makes this mower more suitable for commercial applications and large landscapes.
  • 72-inch vs. Ride-on Tractor: These two machines have entirely different features as rideon tractors are meant for heavier loads than just mowing grass. Still, if you want to focus on lawn care specifically, then a wider-decked lawnmower will be more appropriate.

Tips To Use A 72-Inch Lawn Mower

Though these machines may look intimidating at first glance due to their sheer size – they're actually pretty straightforward when it comes down to operating them! Here are some tips that make your job easier:

  1. Always check the oil level before starting
  2. Keep blades sharpened regularly
  3. Follow manufacturer's instructions regarding maintenance schedule
  4. Be mindful of obstacles like trees or flower beds while maneuvering with zero-turn control.
  5. Consider hiring experts if you have difficulty handling such equipment yourself.


A '72 inch' lawn mower is an investment worth considering if you're serious about maintaining beautiful-looking outdoor spaces without spending hours on yard work each day! This guide has given you all necessary insights into its benefits over other mowers and how best to use one – so why not give this kind of machinery a try today?


What is a 72 lawn mower and how is it different from other mowers?

A 72 lawn mower refers to the size of the cutting deck on the machine. Specifically, it means that the cutting width of this particular mower is 72 inches. This makes it larger than most traditional residential mowers, which typically have a cutting deck between 20-60 inches.

The primary advantage of using a larger machine like this is that you can cover more ground in less time. This makes them ideal for commercial applications such as golf courses or large estates with extensive lawns to maintain. Additionally, many models come equipped with zero-turn radius capabilities which make navigating around obstacles much easier.

However, there are some drawbacks to using such a large machine as well. For one thing, they tend to be significantly more expensive than smaller models due to their size and added features like hydrostatic transmissions or heavy-duty frames designed for commercial use.

Furthermore, because they are so wide and powerful they can also be dangerous if not used properly – especially on slopes or uneven terrain where tipping becomes an issue. As long as you follow safety protocols and use common sense though these risks shouldn't pose any real problems.

What are some popular brands that manufacture 72-inch lawn mowers?

There are several reputable brands out there when it comes to purchasing a quality lawn mower with this size deck:

  • John Deere: Known for their high-quality agricultural equipment John Deere also offers several models tailored specifically toward commercial operations including those with decks up-to-88-inches.
  • Kubota: Another trusted brand in landscaping circles Kubota offers both ride-on and walk-behind options depending on your needs.
  • Hustler: Focusing almost exclusively on zero-turn-radius machines Hustler has become known for producing some of the most advanced mowers available today featuring patented Smoothtrak steering systems
  • Scag Power Equipment: A company founded by landscaper Leo F. Schildroth in 1983 Scag offers a wide variety of commercial-grade mowers with decks ranging from 36-96 inches.
  • Ferris: Known for their durable and reliable machines Ferris also produces a number of models with large cutting decks including the ISX800 model which boasts an impressive 72-inch deck.

Each manufacturer has its own unique strengths and weaknesses so it's essential to do your research before making a purchase.

What type of terrain is best suited for using a 72 lawn mower?

As mentioned previously, these types of mowers are primarily designed for commercial use on large properties. The wider deck allows you to cover more ground in less time than using multiple smaller machines would take.

Additionally, they also tend to work well on relatively flat terrain such as lawns or sports fields where manicuring is key – though some models also have four-wheel-drive capabilities which can help push through slightly rougher spots if needed.

Because they are so powerful however they may not be suitable for use on steeper hillsides or other challenging terrain features like ditches or embankments. In situations like this it may be better to invest in several smaller machines that can handle the job more effectively.

How much does a typical 72 lawn mower cost?

The exact cost will depend on several factors including the brand, specific model and additional features included – but most new zero-turn-radius machines with cutting widths between roughly 60-90 inches will run anywhere from $10k-$30k+. This makes them significantly more expensive than traditional residential options which typically range between $1500-$5k depending on size and functionality.

Fortunately there are many used options available as well if budget constraints won't allow purchasing one new outright. It's important when buying used though to thoroughly inspect the machine before committing as larger equipment tends to suffer from greater wear-and-tear over time especially if not properly maintained.

How do I maintain my 72 lawn mower to ensure it lasts as long as possible?

Like any piece of equipment, regular maintenance and upkeep are essential if you want your machine to last for years to come. Some basic points worth keeping in mind:

  • Change the oil regularly: Depending on usage this may be necessary every 50 hours or so; check the owner's manual for specific information.
  • Keep blades sharp: Dull blades can quickly lead to uneven cuts which can damage grass over time.
  • Clean after each use: Grass clippings, mud or other debris left behind after mowing can build up over time causing damage or corrosion – especially underneath the deck where it's difficult to see.
  • Check tires and wheels regularly: Like car tires these will naturally lose air pressure over time which can impact performance and stability on slopes.
  • Replace parts when needed: Common components like belts, spark plugs or filters should be checked routinely and replaced when worn out.

Following these guidelines won't guarantee that your mower will last forever but they'll certainly help keep it running smoothly for years longer than if neglected.


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